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Rules For KPLA’s Cleavage Contest:

1.) Contestants must be at least 18 years of age with valid ID.

2.) Contestants will be judged on the following categories: a) form, b) presentation and c) attitude. There are a maximum of ten points allowed in each category for a total of thirty points per contestant and note. Nudity will NOT earn extra points with the judges.

3.) Derogatory comments will NOT be tolerated. This is not a strip club. KPLA reserves the right to stop the contest for this or any other behavior that KPLA radio deems inappropriate KPLA will then declare a winner out of those contestants who have already participated based on the points they received.

4.) ONLY KPLA Staff, Judges, Score Keepers, and Contestants will be allowed in contest area. All onlookers will be kept out of the immediate vicinity.

5.) Contestants who are openly intoxicated will not be allowed to register/participate.

6.) All participants must sign a liability waiver.

By signing our waiver you are agreeing to the aforementioned rules of the contest and understand that is completely voluntary and done for fun. By signing this waiver you are stating that you are of legal age to participate in this event. Although a PG. rated photograph is requested of the winner for the KPLA website, on no photos will be taken by KLPA or displayed on the KPLA web site without your consent, and will be removed within thirty days of receiving a request from you to do so. However, KPLA is NOT responsible for photos that may or may not be taken by others, and displayed on media forms not controlled by KPLA or its parent organization Imperial Klingon Forces.