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KPLA Radio is NOT in any way affiliated with 101.5 KPLA in Columbia/Jefferson City, MO (a Premier Marketing Group Company). We are our own independant entity designed to entertain those who can find us at the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conventions we attend. KPLA Radio is NOT a "professional" radio station! We are an amateur low power (2 watt at most) FM/PA mobile indoor DJ service/mock "Klingon" radio station. NO copyright infringement is intended whatsoever. NO Joke, limrick, song, bit, or comedian was harmed in the creation, production or performance of KPLA Radio programming. ALL broadcasts are done in accordance to FCC regulations, Osha Regulations, and legal limits. We are also in compliance with the Geneva Conventions, UN Human Rights Resolutions, Khitomer Accords, and the Organian Peace Treaty. KPLA Radio is a trademark of the Imperial Klingon Forces, and Twisted Blade Productions 2003,2005.

Imperial Klingon Forces (IKF) 1994,1996,2000,2003,2005. All Rights Reserved to Authors and Artists. IKF is a not-for-profit Fan organization devoted to portyraying the Klingon way of life through Live action gaming/Role playing. No copyright infringement is intended for use of Star Trek Terms and expressions.

Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures / Viacom. NO Copyright Infringement is intended for use of artwork, terms, or anything pertaining to Star Trek, DS9, Voyager, Etc...

If a more specific and complete copyright disclaimer is needed, the webmaster/webauthor will comply with a reasonable request directly from Paramount Pictures / Viacom

2001, 2003, 2005 Twisted Blade Productions. This website is protected under copyright. No unauthorized reproduction of this website may be used anywhere on the internet without express written permission of an authorized agent of Twisted Blade Productions.

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