What is KPLA Radio?

K.P.L.A. Started a few years ago as a thought for a streaming audio program over the net, but plans quickly changed... Around May of 2002 the thought got twisted into one hell of an idea. What if Dr. Demento was Klingon? What if two demented Klingon fans did a morning radio show? We then decided on creating a Klingon "Radio" Station, devoted to playing Music Klingons would like to hear, as well as a mixture of music, parody bits, and Filk...

K.P.L.A. Klingon Radio is mainly "broadcast" from a con suite. We have held some of the most outrageous parties around. And as those at our unveiling at Convergence found out just how fun K.P.L.A. can be! So, Next con you go to check your program guide and find out where we are and come join the party!


28 April 2006

KPLA will NOT be broadcast from camp dover as we had originally planned. There was an issue with the high speed connection that prevented us from the broadcast. SO... We WILL be recording portions of the room party broadcast from Saturday and airing them throughout the rest of this year. We also hope that those of you at Dover will join us at our room party in room 213!

3 April 2006

KPLA will be at the final Camp Dover Peace Conference!

Kethas is going "on location" to this historic conference to witness the passing of a 14 year long tradition into the realm of fandom legendry.

Plans for the next live appearance of KPLA Klingon Radio and Kethas and Krom in the morning at CONvergence are well underway, and there will be much merriment as we'll have the long awaited reunion of the entire KPLA staff, as well as a few surprise guests!

24 March 2006

Well, today is the first day! DAYS OF HONOR ARE HERE!!!!!

We're doing something a bit different this weekend. Starting This evening at 7pm, we're going to kick off the Days Of Honor with the playing of the ENTIRE KOSMIC HORROR CD (Zarcov Protocools Volume 1) and then jump into ALL THINGS KLINGON!!! We'll play stuff from the KPLA CD (Best of Kethas and Krom Vol 1), Live interviews with Klingon Fandom Leaders, reading of stories, event announcements, con announcements, K'FILK (Some of it may even be live), Party Calls (Calls to Klingon Parties via subspace channels), Requests, Q&A sessions via e-mail & Instant Messenger, and MORE!

23 March 2006

KPLA KLINGON RADIO is PROUD to announce our


Friday: 7p-1a EST
Saturday: 7p - 1a EST
Sunday 7p - 12a: EST
JOIN US and SHARE WITH US your DAYS OF HONOR stories, reports, activities and CELEBRATIONS during the shows listed!

E-mail activities/stories/reports to and we'll announce in detail your happenings ON AIR.

LEADERS of KLINGON FANDOM are encouraged to contact us at so we may be able to schedule a possible interview on your happenings throughout the Empire.
We can't garuntee everyone will a shot, but we'll do our best. Interviews will be scheduled on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. (Interviews will consist of information pertaining to your organization, age of it, primary locations and activities... Look at it as a way to boast about who you are and what you do to other Klingon fans! - NO FANDOM POLITICS WILL BE TOLERATED and these will be LIVE INTERVIEWS)

We ask you to join us in celebration of this honorable holiday in Star Trek's 40th Year!

11 February 2006

We're back on the net and our issues with our roters and system have been conquered! We invite you to join us as we spread the Klingon Gospen throughout cyberspace!!!

05 February 2006

We've fixed our problem and are now able to broadcast again! We invite you to join us for our regularly scheduled broadcasts on Friday thru Sunday at our normally scheduled times! All times are eastern.

04 February 2006

KPLA will again be down for technical problems. We're having a bit of trouble with our router and the broadcaster, we hope to be back up sometime this weekend. Stay Tuned for more information!

03 February 2006

K.P.L.A. is down tonight. Kethas broke the computer when it failed to obey his commands for coffee. We hope to be back up tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information.

24 January 2006

KOSMIC HORROR lands at KPLA! This is a truely GLORIOUS event! We ordered the Kosmic Horror CD (The Zarkov Protocols Vol. 1) roughly a week and a half ago, and it finally CAME IN!!!! Join us on Saturday Jan. 28th for Ask Kethas and he'll be showcasing the CD in it's ENTIRITY sometime during the broadcast WITHOUT COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION!!!!

This is a ONCE in a lifetime show! The first ever broadcast of KOSMIC HORROR, during Ask Kethas Saturday's 9pm - 1am EST.

AND as a SPECIAL BONUS - Kethas will be doing a TRIBTUE to ALL THINGS KLINGON!!!! Join us for a re-release of the Best of Kethas and Krom Vol. 1, KOSMIC HORROR CD DEBUT, and our collection of Klingon music, Stories, and much more!!!

15 January 2006

ATTENTION KPLA LISTENERS: We apologize for the technical errors in tonights broadcast. KPLA Klingon Radio will NOT be heard this evening due to a system upgrade. We apologize for any inconvienience this may cause and invite you to tune in on Friday or our normally scheduled broadcast.

7 January 2006


KPLA Klingon Radio is currently looking for KLINGON MUSIC

If you have any MP3, WAV, or WMA file's you'd be willing to share with us,or give us instructions on how to attain them E-MAIL US! We have a 1GB limit for our inbox, so feel free to upload them to us in our INBOX!

E-mail us at:

If you also have a band or recording of Klingon Music or K'Filk, send us the files and we'll gladly play them and help you with exposure of your music!

30 December 2005

Join Kethas on New Years Eve for a very special show as he broadcasts the New years throughout the North American time zones.

28 December 2005

And yet another way to interact with KPLA Staff and Listeners:

Click here to join kplaklingonradio
Click to join kplaklingonradio

25 December 2005

Website updated to show new changes to KPLA's format and methods of broadcasting.

Live streams may now be found under .

Change to KPLA staff directories, and appearances have also been made.

Plus we're adding a multi-service automated form for an interactve experience with live broadcasts.

For requests, questions, or comments e-mail kpla at,
open up Yahoo IM and look for kplaklingonradio ,
TAKethas on AOL's Instant Messenger ,
CLICK HERE for our general listener form

23 December 2005

As promised, your Klinmas present!

Live Program for Weekend starting 12/23

Friday: 9pm - 1am EST - Ask Kethas - Klinmas advice...Need help w/the in-laws? Assembling gifts?

Saturday: 7pm - 9pm EST - Klingon Metal Ensamble - Metal a Klingon would enjoy
9pm - 1am EST - Ask Kethas - Looking for Klingon advice?

Sunday: 7pm - 12am EST - Requests

For requests or Ask Kethas e-mail him at, open up Yahoo IM and look for kplaklingonradio, or TAKethas at AOL's Instant Messenger.
To hear us on the web:
1.) Point your web browser to:
2.) Look under Mixed Format and choose KPLA Klingon Radio.

17 December 2005

Well, the KPLA Klingon Radio Holiday show will be a bit on later than scheduled. There's been some scheduling conflicts and techincal issues to deal with, but it'll be out soon!

We're not going to leave you without a Klinmas present tho... KPLA Klingon Radio is now a full fledged Web-broadcasting radio station! Here's how you can hear our broadcasts.

1.) Point your web browser to:

2.) Look under Mixed Format and choose KPLA Klingon Radio.

3.) Pray for us to get better!

24 November 2005

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! A Holiday us Klingons find on the humorous side. We kick Feddie butt and they thank us. We make fun of them and they love us? What the hell is that all about? Anyway, in celebration of the Killing of large annoying and tasty birds (the one saving grace of that holiday) KPLA is proud to announce...

The KPLA Kethas and Krom's Holiday Show!

Join Kethas in the KPLA studio while Krazy Unkle Krom goes on Assignment to an undisclosed location! Look for the updated and newest show coming in mid December!

20 November 2005

New added files to the KPLA Playlist. Listen for more details! New link to the broadcast can now be found in the Audio Library!

15 November 2005

Well, it's been some time in the making... But there's a very cool surprise in store for our listeners. Since we have discontinued our Vol. 1 CD, and we've been writing some new stuff for an upcoming show at a very secret place (in July).

We're announcing the

very first


We've uploaded our Volume 1 CD into our on-line storage facility.


13 November 2005

Greetings! Some of you may have noticed the changes to the site. Just updating our look a bit to fit Tripod's Ad format. It would seem that our older top frames didn't agree with the javascript ads and that just wouldn't work for us, so we changed it a bit.

We've got a few projects in the works, and some of them just aren't ready for us to spill the beans on quite yet. But I will say that you may be able to hear some of our programming on a streaming broadcast fairly soon... Not too soon, but soon. Even possible that we may do another show soon, but not too soon... {{>:-)>

1 October, 2005

Heh, well it's true we went off-line for a while. Kethas had some personal things to deal with over the past year or so, but things will soon be back up and running...
We've been plotting again, and have hopes to do another show somewhere in the US next year. With Kethas now in PA, and Krom still in MN, things have taken a bit of a turn for the more interesting. But fear not Loyal KPLA Listeners... We promise to bring you the same good ol fashioned kookiness that is KPLA, with a few new surprises of course!

Wondering what's up Kethas' sleeves? Nothing, he doesn't have any! Something to do with a bizzarre accident with a turntable and a microwave while grabbing lunch in the studio... Keep posted for more details!

9 March 2004

Well, we went to MarsCon... Because of the guests... Had to go. Had fun too! Was an opporitunity to get the word out that the Klingons are now invading the Filk and Parody Genera... Granted we do more than just Klingon stuff, but it suits us...

It was sure good to see so many of our fans there asking if we were hosting a party room and /or broadcasting... Originally we had hoped to, but we've just started replacing and upgrading equipment and were unable to... We did, however, release our latest CD at MarsCon on a very limited distribution... Volume 1.5 is now available...

A Special thanks to all who appreciate our ...'unique' sense of humor, and all those who got a copy of volume 1.5 for whatever reason...

We're also looking forward to working with the individuals we spoke with at MarsCon (you know who you are, so give yourselves a big round of applause!). We won't list names just yet, because anythin can happen at this point. Giant Tribbles may fall out of the sky and fluff us to death, and with the impending war between the Feddies and us Klingons there's a better chance of that happening now...

Look for our new "Wartime K'Filk" coming soon to a con near you... Possibly on CD... who knows...

9 February 2004

Well, things this year are off to a bang! We've got a new radio transmitter for our show at CONvergence. And we've finished the run for our Volume 1 CD. We have two copies left of Vol. 1 and NO MORE will be produced. However, we will be releasing our much anticipated second CD at MarsCon... K.P.L.A.'s Best of Kethas and Krom Volume 1.5. Basically it's an update of volume 1, with a few added extras. We've made a few changes, so that ONLY the KPLA materials are on the CD. We'll be releasing these CD's at MarsCon for roughly $10.00 USD.

19 January 2004

We got our wish! At CONvergence we're unveiling our new equipment...
We got the FM Transmitter we wanted, and a new PC... In fact, it's all in one unit! We recently acquired a PCI MAX FM Radio Transmitter that when placed inside a PC transforms the entire thing into a radio station. It's Low Power, but it will broadcast our signal far enough around CONvergence for other Con suites to pick it up using any FM radio, and it's perfectly legal! We've included pics of the new PC and the guts of it in our PHOTOS area...

So, at CONvergence look for the fliers and tune in!

11 December 2003

We're gearing up for the 2004 con season! We will be present at MarsCon just kickin back and enjoying the con. Come find us, we'll have some KPLA Vol. 1 CD's with us at the con, and take input as to what you the listener would like to hear at CONvergence 2004! Keep posted here for more details!!!

29 April 2003

We've added one of our favorite songs to our on-line library! Koloth's Lament as performed by Kethas. A song about the tradgedy that Kirk befell on Koloth in the Original Series episode "The Trouble With Tribbles."

27 March 2003

We've added the KPLA CD's page! Get your KPLA CD's ON-LINE!

16 March 2003
The first of the updates are now here!
The Message Forums have been added, more to come!

15 March 2003
Soon we'll be changing a few things around on the site! Adding some features like Message boards, more pics, newer bits, and much more. Stay Tuned!

Going to CONvergence? Running a Con Suite? We do ads! Contact Kethas for more details!

Did you stumble on to us by mistake? Are you a Radio DJ? Want more info on using some of our bits over the air? Contact Kethas for more details!

NEW THIS YEAR! Our 1st Anniversary is coming up at CONvergence! This year we will be broadcasting via FM radio frequency (Under 5 Watts so the FCC doesn't gripe). Not sure of the frequency yet, so look for us or our posters at the con!

Also new for us is our equipment change! We're condensing our audio equipment into a cabinet which encompasses a PC for MP3 playing as well as CD spinning! So we'll be broadcasting throughout the the entire weekend of the conventions we're at.

Also NEW is the release of our FIRST CD: "KPLA's Best of Kethas and Krom - Volume I." Keep posted here on how to buy on-line (coming soon). We'll also have copies availible for sale at the conventions we're broadcasting at.



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